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Electronic Yarn Twist Tester UI-TX73

Yarn Twist Tester is used to test yarn twist.

  • ISO2061; BS2085;
  • ASTM D1422, ASTM D1423
  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
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Electronic Twist Tester is motor-driven yarn twist tester to test yarn twist in single or plied yarns with quadrant scale for conventional or untwist/retwist methods. Yarn twist tester helps us to know the twist in yarn – turns per inch(tpi), turns per meter(tpm).

Unuo Instruments is yarn testing machine manufacturer and offers competitive yarn twist tester machine price.

1. Unuo Electronic Yarn Twist Tester Features

  • Motor driven;
  • MCU control, LCD display
  • Direct count, One time untwisting and twisting method, two & three times untwisting and twisting methods;
  • The rotation speed control of the rotary gripper is designed for automatic rotation and jog rotation, and it can automatically identify the forward and reverse rotation
  • Can be used as single yarn twist tester and double yarn twist tester

2. Unuo Yarn Twist Tester Specification

Model UI-TX73
Test Length 50~500mm
Test Range 1~9999.9
Rotate Speed 500~2000r/min
Power AC220V 50/60Hz
Standards GB/T2543.1.2, GB/T 14345; ISO2061; BS2085;

ASTM D1422, ASTM D1423; JISL1095

3. What is Yarn Twist

Yarn twist means that in order to make the yarn have certain physical and mechanical properties such as strength, elasticity, elongation, gloss, feel, etc., the cotton yarn must be changed by twisting, and the fiber structure is used to twist the yarn. Relative angular displacement occurs between the original straight and parallel fibers and the yarn axis to change the structure of the yarn. The thick strip gradually shrinks from its width during twisting, and the two sides are gradually folded to be wrapped into the center of the yarn strip Twisted triangles. In twisted triangles, the width and cross-section of the sliver change from a flat ribbon to a cylindrical yarn. For staple fibers, twisting is mainly to increase the strength of the yarn. The twisting of filaments can not only improve the strength of the yarn, but also produce some effect.

4. What is S twist and Z twist in yarn

The twist direction refers to the oblique direction of the fibers in the single yarn or the single yarn in the strand after the yarn is twisted. It is divided into Z twist and S twist. After twisting, the twist of the yarn is inclined from the lower right corner to the upper left corner, and the inclination direction is consistent with the middle of “S”, which is called S twist or smooth twist; the twist direction of the yarn is from the lower left corner to the upper right corner, and the inclined direction is ” The central part of Z ”is called Z twist or backhand twist. Generally, Z twist is used for single yarn, and S twist is used for strand.

S & Z twist yarn

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