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Toy testing equipment ASTM F963

Unuo Instruments supplies ASTM F963 toy testing equipment. ASTM F963 has clear requirements for toy safety. Although the standard cannot cover and indicate all potential hazards of toy, it minimizes accidents covered by the specification. Unuo Instruments’ toy testing machine includes most of the physical safety testing equipment listed in the specification. Toy testing machine includes ASTM F963 toy flammability tester, fabric flammability tester, small object, sound level, compression dics, flexure and etc.

Conform to: ASTM F963, 16 CFR 1500, EN71 and other toy testing standards.

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Tested With Unuo Footwear Testing Machine

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Unuo Instruments is a toy testing equipment manufacturer with great cost-effective shoe testing machine and trustworthy service. Supported by experienced technical and R&D team, Unuo guarantee to supply toy testing equipment 100% matching to test standard. Besides, we can customized equipment as per your requirements. Contact us for details Today!


Pull Test

Snap Button Pull Test Machine - Portable Button Snap Pull Tester

Ornaments Pull Strength Tester

To test if the sample will break under a certain force or not. Find more about: Ornaments Pull Strength Tester

ASTM F963 Section 3.1.2


Accessibility probe, standard test finger probe -1

Accessible Probe

To check if any area of toy can be touched by any portion forward of the collar of the accessibility probe. Find more about: Accessible Probe

ASTM F963 Section 4.2 

Flammability: Textile fabric used in toy

45 Degree Flammability Tester

45 Degree Flammability Tester

To check textile fabric flammability resistance used in toy. As regulated in ASTM F963, machine should meet 16 CFR 1610. Find more about Fabric Flammability Tester

ASTM F963 Section 4.6 

Small Object

Small Parts Test Cylinder

To test if the tested toy component or parts has potential hazard of choking to children or not. Find more about Small Parts Cylinder

ASTM F963 Section 4.7 

Sharp Edge/Accessible Edge

sharp edge tester, edge shapness tester

Sharp Edge Tester

To test if the tested adge is potentially hazardous sharp edge to child or not. Find more about Sharp Edge Tester

ASTM F963 Section 4.9

Accessible Point/Sharp Point

sharp-point-tester, sharp point tester in textile

Sharp Point Tester

To test if the tested toy point has potentially hazardous sharp point or not. Find more about Sharp Point Tester

ASTM F963 Section 4.10/8.12

Wire and Rod/Flexture Test

ASTM Flexture Tester

ASTM Flexture Tester

Test whether the metal wire or rod that plays the role of soft support in the toy is dangerous due to breakage during the bending process.

ASTM F963 Section 4.12/8.21

Plastic Film Thickness

leather thickness gauge

Plastic Thickness Tester

To measure plastic film’s thickness used in toy. It aims to minimize the possibility of asphyxiation hazards that might be caused by thin plastic film.

ASTM F963 Section 4.14.1/8.22

Head probe & Hook Test Fixture for Cords and Loops

Cords, Strap, and Elastic in Toys

head probe ASTM F963

Head Probe

To test if the loop is long enough to pass through the head probe

hook test fixture for cords and loops

Hook Test Fixture for Cords and Loops

To stretch elastic materials or loops that are smaller than the tapered diameter of the head probe.

ASTM F963 Section 4.18

Gap Test Rod

gap test rod

Gap Test Rod: 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 13mm

To test if tested accessible hole has potentially hazardous finger entrapment in sheet metal and other rigid material in toys.

ASTM F963 Section 4.20

Pacifier Test Fixture

Pacifier Test Fixture EN71

Pacifier Test Fixture

Toy pacifiers attached to, or sold with, toys intended for children under 36 months of age shall comply with small object requirement as regulated in 4.6.1 and its nipple length should not exceed 0.63 inch (16mm)

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