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Helmet Impact Testing Machine UI-FT335

Helmet Impact Testing Machine is used to test helmet resistance to impact and puncture.

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • GB/T 2812, ISO 3873;


Helmet Impact Testing Machine is used to test helmet resistance to impact and puncture by changing the test head. This helmet impact testing machine meets GB/T 2812, ISO 3873 and etc.

The load cell is rigidly installed between the head mold and the base, the pre-treated safety helmet is put on the head mold, and then the falling weight is impacted from the height of 1m with a weight of 5kg to hit the safety helmet freely. The force sensing device measures the force value at the moment of impact and judges the impact absorption performance of the helmet based on this. In the puncture resistance test of the helmet, a 3kg puncture cone is used to freely impact the helmet at a height of 1m. After the puncture, the contact indicator gives an alarm indication to judge whether the helmet has penetrated. This helmet impact testing machine can be used by manufacturer, inspection departments and scientific research units.

Unuo Helmet Impact Testing Machine Specification

Model UI-FT335
Control Method Microcomputer automatic control
Drop Head Types Impact Head & Puncture Head
Force Display LED digital display, accurate to 1N, automatically save the maximum force value
Head Form 1#、2#head form  1pc, meet GB/T 2812-2006 annex A
Drop head The mass is 5 ~ 5.01kg, hemispherical, radius: 48mm, material: 45 #
Puncture Head Mass: 3 ~ 3.05kg, cone angle 60 °, cone tip radius: 0.5mm, length 40mm, maximum end diameter 28mm, hardness HRC45
Drop Height 1000±5mm
Power AC 220V 50Hz  50W

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