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Test support, lab advise, machine tech support…Contact us now! We are ready for help.

Highly Customizable

The customized testing solution to make your product’s quality visible.

Detailed Operation Instruction

Customized operation instruction as per your standard.

Testing Equipments Classification

Footwear Testing Machine, Leather Testing Machine, Rubber Testing Machine, Textile testing machine, Environment Chamber, Toy Testing Equipment and etc.

Make Your Quality Visible!

Provide trustworthy testing equipment; Offer tailored testing solution.

Below are some hot selling Footwear Testing Machine of Unuo Instruments

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    Our Clients

    About Unuo Instruments

    Unuo Instruments Co., Ltd is lab testing equipment manufacturer & supplier. Products includes footwear testing equipment, rubber testing equipment, textile testing equipment, toy testing equipment, climate chamber and etc.

    Unuo lab testing equipment meets GB(Guobiao standards), ISO(International Organization for Standardization), ASTM(ASTM International), ANSI(American National Standards Institute), EN(European Standards), DIN(Deutsches Institut für Normung), BS(British Standards) and etc.

    We commit to providing reliable testing machines for every customer with tech guaranty, help customers to know & improve their quality. Make Your Quality Visible.

    Your One-stop Testing Equipment Supplier
    Footwear testing machine, textile testing machine, toy testing machine | Unuo-Instruments

    Delivery Speed

    Most of the testing machines can be delivered 10-25 working days which depends on our spot machines and production plan.

    Design Optimized

    Better design for easier usage and efficiency is our R&D dept’s mission. We listen to our customers and improve our designs.

    Quality Ensured

    With over 10 years of experience, we have the confidence to supply trustworthy testing machines and solutions for our customers. Sometimes customers have concerns for after-sales service about overseas’ purchases, we ensure our quality by 3 times inspections before delivery – components inspection, production dept inspection, and final QC dept inspection.

    7/24 Tech Support

    Tech support directly from the R&D & production dept. We made the machines so we know how it works and can truly help you with any issues.

    Recent News - Unuo Instruments Co., Ltd

    With years experience in offering testing solution for footwear, leather, textile and other related industries, Unuo has the confidence, the ability to serve every customer with advanced high quality testing machines.

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