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Comparative Tracking Index Tester UI-T234

Tracking Index Tester is used to test solid insulating material’s CTI and PTI.

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Comparative Tracking Index Tester is to check solid insulating materials’ comparative tracking index(CTI) and proof tracking index(PTI) according to IEC 60112, UL 746A, ASTM D3638, DIN 53480, GB 4207, etc.

1. Tracking Index Tester Principle

The specimen would be placed under two electrodes. And drops of electrolyte will falls between the platinum electrodes, during this period, a certain voltage will be applied to the electrodes.

The voltage can be set from 50V to 600V. Or we can customize the voltage for you.

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2. Unuo Tracking Index Test Apparatus Features

  • Button control/touch screen control
  • Ventilation system
  • Explosion-proof tempered glass safety window
  • Built-in pump for precision drop
  • USB data store for touch screen model
  • Test voltage and current digital display

3. Comparative Tracking Index Tester Specification

Controller Button control / touch screen control
Voltage Display Digital display
Current Display Digital display
Dimensions 1120 x 600 x 1020(L x W x H)
Inner Capacity ≥0.5cube
Electrode Material Pt
Electrode Size 2mm x 5mm x 35 mm
Electrode Pressure 1.00N
Electrode Distance 4.0mm
Droplet Volume 50 drop/1cm3
Droplet Height 35mm(can be set)
Droplet Time 30s±0.1(can be set)
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