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Temperature And Humidity Chamber

Temp and Humidity Chamber Daily Maintenance

Temp and humidity chamber is used to provide certain temperature and humidity condition for testing. For some tests, it may need to run for 3 or more days. It is essential to maintain the temp and humidity chamber regularly which would help to extend its service life and save cost.

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First, turn off the power, open the sealing plate of the radiator position of the temp humidity chamber, and sweep the dust on the radiator. After the conditional sweep, you can blow it with compressed air. Cleaning the radiator helps save electricity. Second, open the sealing plate on the side of the water tank, open the drain valve of the water tank to drain the water, then wipe the inner surface of the water tank with a cloth, take out the pump, wipe it clean, if there is scale on the water inlet to clean, add water after the cleaning Wipe again, if the scale deposit on the side water level cup is serious, it also needs to be cleaned. Generally, it is cleaned once a month, and the cotton cloth in the temperature and humidity test box is replaced once every two to three months.

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