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Tensile Strength Of Fabric - Strip Method -2

Tensile Strength Of Fabric – Strip Method

This post would mainly focus on the Tensile Strength Of Fabric - Breaking force and elongation - Strip Method 1. Tensile Strength Of Fabric Test Summary Tensile strength - strip method is to test specified width strip sample by using tensile…

Peel Strength Of Shoe

Peel Strength Of Footwear Sole Bonds

Peel Strength Of Footwear Sole Bonds Peel strength test of sole and upper is important for shoe. The test methods include ISO 17708, SATRA TM411, QB/T 2886, ISO 20344 and etc. 1. Peel strength test apparatus and tools: Sharp knife;…

Durometer Harness Test, Shore Durometer

Durometer Hardness Test By Shore Durometer – Unuo

1. Durometer Hardness Test Durometer hardness test is to test the hardness of materials by shore hardness scale/shore durometer. The durometer is suitable to test thermoplastic elastomers, vulcanized(thermoset) rubber, elastomeric materials, cellular materials, gel-like materials, and some plastics.   2.…


ASTM D412 Tensile Strength of Rubber | Unuo Instruments

ASTM D412 is used to measure the tensile(tension) properties of rubber and elastomers. This test standard includes 2 kinds of test methods for different shapes of samples and needs universal testing machine to perform the test. 1. What is the…

Taber Abrasion Astm D3884, Taber Abraser

Taber Abrasion ASTM D3884 Textile Fabric Abrasion | Unuo

Taber Abrasion ASTM D3884 is a method to determine textile fabric abrasion resistance by using rotary platform, double-head tester(RPDH) which is also named as Taber abrasion tester. Taber abrasion test is also used to evaluate abrasion resistance of coated fabrics,…

GSM Round Cutter, GSM Cutter

How To Determine Fabric GSM by GSM Cutter | 2020

1.What is GSM for Fabric GSM is Grams Per Square Meter. Measure the area and mass of the fabric sample, and calculate the mass per unit area of the sample in grams per square meter (g/m2). Use GSM cutter and…

Bally Leather Flexing Tester

Bally Leather Flexing Tester – Unuo

1. What is Bally Leather Flexing Tester? Bally leather flexing tester is a flexometer to determine resistance of light leathers and their surface finishes to flexing. This leather flexing tester is also used to determine tendency for cracks to form…

ASTM D395 Compression Set Fixture Method B - Unuo Instruments

What is ASTM D395 Compression Set Fixture?

1. What is ASTM D395 Compression Set Fixture? ASTM D395 Compression Set Fixture, sometimes also called compression set test fixtures, is to test rubber products to retain its elastic properties after a certain period of compressive stresses. According to ASTM…

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