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Yarn Evenness Tester UI-TX706

Yarn evenness tester is to measure mass viriation of yarn.

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
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Yarn Evenness Tester is used to measure yarn evenness(mass vatiation) by capacitance method. Equipped with an advanced driven system, this evenness tester’s speed ranges from 4m/min to max.800m/min. Besides, this yarn testing machine can also measure yarn diameter, yarn hairiness index and etc. by using different sensors.

1. Unuo Yarn Evenness Tester Function

  • Diameter evenness
  • Density evenness
  • Hairiness
  • Test 1 sample for 1 time
  • Test 24 samples for 1 time (separately, the machine will auto-test one by one)
  • Anti-winding device or not?
  • Analysis slub yarn
  • Automatically move and change slots according to the measured yarn fineness
  • Several test speeds for choice

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2. Yarn Evenness Testing Principle

Unuo Yarn Evenness Tester is suitable to test spun yarn, roving, and sliver. And it can be used to test slub yarn as well. (optional function)

This yarn tester uses the capacitance method for parameter detection. when the tested sample is passing through the machine, its capacitive sensor will auto-transfer the data to the mass of strands. This machine has its own testing software CV-L. The testing data will show as a diagram and can be stored & printed.

For a different types of yarn, different test speeds should be used. We offer test speeds of 4m/min, 8m/min, 25m/min, 50m/min, 100m/min, 200m/min, 400m/min, and 800m/min.

Capacitance testing is an indirect method for yarn evenness. The accuracy of this indirect method can be evaluated by comparing it with yarn evenness measurement direct method–Cutting And Weighing.

3. Evenness Tester Specification

Model UI-TX706
Capacitance monitor tank 4 pcs
Measurement range 4tex-12ktex
Testing speed 4, 8, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 m/min OR Specified
Testing time Freely setting between 10Sec~20min
CV(%) or (U%) testing range 0.2%-100%
Variation——length curve Cutting length 1 cm~1500m
Output 3 mains 12 gears defect value at the same time Thin : -30%, -40%, -50%, -60%
Thick: +35%, +50%, +70%, +100%
Neps : +140%, +200%, +280%, +400%
Wave spectrogram 170 pcs Channel
Wave length coverage 1cm~2950m
Linear density frequency distribution diagram -100%~+100%, +100%~+400%
4 mains DR% value DR(1m, +5%)
DR(1m, -5%)
DR(20cm, +35%)
DR(20cm, -30%)
Single unit test time ≤20, single unit can test two pieces
Statistics The same piece can reach data statistics of

10 units 200 pcs cop

Power supply 1 phase AC 220V 50/60Hz
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