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Electronic Crockmeter UI-TX51

Crockmeter (Crock Meter) is used to test color transfer of colored textile (leather, fabric and etc,) to other surface due to rubbing. 

  • AATCC 8, AATCC165,
  • ISO 105-X12/D02, BS, ASTM
  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
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Electronic Crockmeter (Crock Meter) is a motorized crockmeter which is used to test color transfer of colored textile (leather, fabric and etc,) to other surface due to rubbing. Crockmeter test method includes AATCC 8,AATCC 165, ISO 105-X12/D02, BS and etc.

Unuo Instruments manufactures 2 types of crockmeter for sale – Electronic Crockmeter & Manual. Contact Unuo Team Today for crockmeter price & more details.

1. Unuo Rubbing Fastness Tester-Crocking Meter Features

  • Electronic and manual types available;
  • Crockmeter test cloth, color matching cabinet, Gray Scale for color staining are provided.
  • Easy operation, user friendly.

2. Color Fastness To Crocking Principle
The color staining degree was evaluated after the sample was rubbed with a dry white cotton crocking cloth and a wet white cotton crocking cloth at a certain contact pressure and speed for a certain cycles. The AATCC Crockmeter Tester provides two optional size friction heads for different samples: a rectangular friction head for velvet fabrics and a circular friction head for monochrome fabrics or large area printed fabrics. Suitable for the determination colorfastness to crocking & coating firmness of yarns, fabrics and textile products, including velvet fabric and other footwear materials. It is for test of colour fastness to rubbing, one of textile testing equipment and color fastness testing equipment.

3. Electronic Crock Meter Key Specification

Model UI-TX51
Rub Head Pressure 9N±0.9N
Rub Head Round: Diameter∮16mm±0.3mm,rectangle: 19*25.4 mm
Control Method Electronic or manual
Speed 60cycles/min
Counter 1~9999
Stroke 104±3mm
Power AC220 50/60Hz 40W
Standards AATCC 8/165, ISO 105-X12/D02, BS 1006-D02, M&S C8, ASTM D6279, JIS L 0849 Type1
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