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Gakushin Rubbing Colorfastness Tester UI-10

Gakushin Rubbing Fastness Tester is used to test textile colorfastness again rubbing. 

  • JIS-L 0801 | JIS-L 0823
  • JIS-L 0849 | JIS-L 1006 and etc.
  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
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Gakushin Rubbing Colorfastness Tester is mainly used for the evaluation and judgment of the color fastness to rubbing of dyed fiber products; use a dry or wet white cotton cloth to tie the surface of the friction head of the machine, and rub the colored test piece with a certain load and number of times. Evaluate the grade of color fastness to rubbing; it can also be used as a rubbing test for organic solvents.

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1. Unuo Gakushin Rubbing Tester Standards:

JIS-L 0801, JIS-L 0823, JIS-L 0849, JIS-L 1006, JIS-L 1084, K 6328, P 8136

2. Gakushin Type Rubbing Tester Key Specification

Model UI-10
Working positions 6
Rubbing finger surface radius R45mm
Rubbing finger contact area 100mm2
Rubbing finger track 100±1mm
Rubbing finger mass 2N
Auxiliary weight mass 300g
Specimen stage surface radius R200mm
Rubbing speed 30±2 rpm
Specimen dimensions 220 x 30mm
Power Supply AC 220V 50/60HZ
Dimensions 540 x 490 x 300mm( L x W x H )
Weight 80kg
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