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GSM Round Cutter UI-TX16

GSM Round Cutter 100cm2 is used to test material grams per square meter. 

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • Fast Delivery
  • Muiti size for choose; diameter 38mm, 140 and etc


GSM Round Cutter is used to test material grams per square meter. It would cut sample to 100cm2 cutter, depth max 5mm. Normally, GSM cutter is suitable to cut textile fabric, leather, paper and etc. It has four double-sided blades, and the blade is evenly distributed in four equal parts. The blade can be replaced. GSM Testing is essential for some tests like Matindale abraison test meet standard ISO20344.

Unuo GSM Round Cutter Features:

  • Easy operation and long service life;
  • GSM Cutter Blade: Schroder blades.
  • Cutter with different sizes for choose; 10cm2, diameter 38mm, 140 and etc.

Test Procedure: Place the fabric to be cut on the rubber mat, and then put the gsm measuring machine on the sample. Release the locking device, and rotate for approx. 90°. Hold the cover with one hand and hold the corrugated hand wheel. Sample can be cut by pressing and rotate the corrugated handwheel greater than 90°in clockwise direction.

After the test is finished, GSM cutter’s locking device should be rotated to the original position so that the blade would not be exposed to hurt the operator.

Blade Change Procedure: loosen the Phillips screw (four screws on each piece), remove the blade pressure plate and the blade, and change with the new blade, press the blade pressure plate, taking care to make the blade mouth tangentially clockwise, and make the four blades in the same plane, then tighten the Phillips screw.

Key Specification:                                                     

Cutting area100cm2
Cutting thickness5mm
Cutting diameterΦ112.8mm
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