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Pneumatic Sample Cutter UI-FT 85

Pneumatic Sample Cutter is used to cut samples driven by compressed air

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • Capacity: 800kg or 2 Ton
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Pneumatic Sample Cutter is used to cut sample driven by compressed air. Unuo auto pneumatic press machine is specially designed for lab use with max capacity 2 ton which is commonly applied to cut leather, textile fabric, rubber, shoe sole, plastic film and etc.

Unuo Pneumatic Sample Press Features

  • – Capacity: 800kg, 2 ton
  • – Can cut different sizes sample by applied different cut die; for example: tensile sample cutter
  • – Protection system: this sample cutter requires the operator both hands to press on the machine, and it would cut the sample automatically. This design is to ensure the operator’s safety and will not be damaged during the operation.

Warm tip: lab pneumatic sample cutter capacity 800kg is suggested for textile fabric sample cut; 2 ton pneumatic press is suggested for footwear as the rubber, shoe sole may require higher pressure to cut.

How Can Unuo Pneumatic Sample Cutter Benefit You

  • – Improve work efficiency; By placing the cut die as per your standard on the sample, the auto pneumatic sample cutter would cut your sample within a few seconds;
  • – Protect your operator; Cut the sample by using auto pneumatic press would help to protect your hands during the process compared with traditional sample cut method;
  • – Lab pneumatic cutter is affordable;
  • – Different test standards’ sample cutter in one machine; the diameter of the sample cutter is 30cm. It can cut all kinds of sample by applying suitable cut die within this size like GSM cutter;

How Does The Pneumatic Sample Cutter Work

By pressing the switch, the solenoid valve is activated, and the compressed air in the air presser enters the cylinder, driving the piston downward so that the pressure plate presses the die downward, and the test specimen is punched.

Pneumatic Press Machine Key Specification   




800kg or 2T

Air Pressure

5kgf/cm2 or more

Sample Thickness


Press Plate

Φ18.5cm or Φ 30cm

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