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Vacuum Desiccator UI-FT250

Vacuum Desiccator is used to give a pressure below 4Kpa for leather wet rub test and leather shrinkage test. 

  • Unuo Instruments
  • ISO 5402-1 | ISO-11640 | QB/T 2537
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Vacuum Desiccator is used for pretreatment of wet felt and wet samples for veslic rubbing color fastness test, and sample pretreatment for leather shrinkage temperature test.

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Principle: The air in the drying tank is extracted by a vacuum pump. After the vacuum pressure in the drying tank reaches the requirement, the vacuum pump is turned off and the sealed drying tank maintains the vacuum pressure state for a certain period of time.

Sample pretreatment: Put the water cup with the sample in the drying tank, start the vacuum pump, and generate a vacuum of 5kpa in the tank, keep it for about 2 minutes, and restore the normal pressure. Repeat the operation twice.

Vacuum Desiccator Key Specification:                                                  

Model UI-FT250
Bottle Diameter 250mm
Vacuum pressure 5kpa
Display Digital (-95kpa, with standard atmospheric pressure as zero)
Control method manual
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