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SPI 45 Degree Flammability Tester UI-TX696

Applicable to test vynil plastic film flammability resistance by burning it in 45 degree

  • 16 CFR  1611 
  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
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SPI 45 Degree Flammability Tester is vynil plastic film flammability tester which is applicable to test non-rigid and unsupported polyethylene plastic film materials, including transparent, translucent and opaque materials. Including flat, convex, cast film or surface-treated materials.

1. SPI 45 Degree Flammability Test Principle

Under specified conditions, clamp the sample with a clamp, place it at an angle of 45°, ignite the sample, and record the burning time of 6′ on the 45-degree slope of the sample to calculate the burning rate of the sample. Contact Unuo today for more details about SPI Flammability Tester.

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2. Vynil Plastic Film Flammability Tester Key Specification

This flammability tester is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) 16 CFR Part 1611

  • Test box 30cmX25cmX37cm, 5 vent holes of 20mm on the left and right sides
  • Specimen holder 45°
  • Specimen holder Length 11″, width 4 15/16″, slot width 1 1/2″, end bending length 1″, width 3 7/8″, bending angle 45°
  • Marking line spacing 6″
  • The burner is 9/16” away from the sample surface
  • Flame length 1/2″
  • Gas butane
  • Sample size 3″x9″
  • Volume (WxDxH) 46x29x52cm
  • Weight (approx.) ≈20Kg
  • Power supply 1∮ AC 220V 50Hz 3A
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