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Yarn Sample Winder UI-TX704

Yarn sample winder is to make yarn sample color card

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
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Yarn sample winder is used for yarn sample winding to make yarn color cards. This yarn winder is suitably used for sample card making, whiteness measurement, anti-ultraviolet detection, color comparison, ultraviolet detection, cleanliness, and color card.

Unuo Instruments manufactures and supplies yarn testing machine. Welcome to contact us for yarn testing machine price & more details.

1. Unuo Yarn Sample Winder Machine Specification

  • Winding color up to 21. Can be customized. (15 color is recommended)
  • Suitable for cardboard max length 300mm, width 80mm
  • Can store preset specifications.
  • Max winding speed: 1000 rpm
  • Power supply: 1 phase 220V or 110V

2. Yarn Winder Machine Principle

Yarn sample winder is used to make yarn color cards. By fixing the yarn on the cardboard, and rotating the cardboard, this machine will wind yarn on the cardboard until preset cycles are reached. This winder’s color positions can be customized. The regular model can be up to 21 colors. More color positions can be customized. Besides, this winder has a memory function. It can store the set specification. The preset parameter is up to 6 groups.

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