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Tensile Strength Machine UI-1100

Tensile Strength Machine is used to do tensile, peel, shear, bend, and other tests of materials. 

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • CE & ISO 17025 Calibrated Certificates
  • ISO 20344,  ASTM D2061, ISO 22776 and etc


Tensile Strength Machine, also known as Tensile Strength Tester, Universal Testing Machine (UTM), is used to do tensile, peel, shear, bend, and other tests of materials. Universal Testing Machine can do plenty tests like sole/upper bond test ISO 20344, velcro strength test (peel and shear strength) ISO 22776,zipper strength test ASTM D2061, rubber tensile test, 3 point bending test and etc.

Unuo manufactures Tensile Testing Machine capacity from 50N-20KN with extensometer, various grips(fixtures) for different tests, load cells.

For footwear testing, Tensile Strength Machine(UTM) is often used to test sole/upper bonding strength,velcro peel and shear strength, ornament pull strength and others.

Taking the most common footwear testing–sole/upper bond test an example, a bottom bonding sample having a length of more than 50 mm and a width of 10 mm is cut along the edge of the shoe at the joint between the upper and the sole, and one end in the longitudinal direction is separated in advance. And then clamp the separated one on the universal tensile machine fixture, and then peel the sample. The average peeling force of the peeling process is taken.

Capacity50N, 500N,1KN,10KN,20KN (Optional)
Serve motorPanasonic
Load cellCeltron
Force measure range:0.2%~100%FS
Load accuracy±0.5%
Decomposition degree of load1/200,000
Deformation measurement range0.2%~100%FS
Deformation indication relative errorWithin ±0.5 of indication value
Walking space(without grip)1100mm
Effective width410mm
Test Speed0.01-1000mm/min
Crossbeam Speed relative errorSpeed < 0.01,

error = within setting value ±1.0%

Speed ≥ 0.01mm/min,

error = within setting value ±0.2%

Speed accuracy±0.5%
Displacement resolution0.001mm
Data recording frequency200times/sec
Power1 phase 220V, 50/60hz
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