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Drying Oven UI-E10

Drying Oven is designed to dry sample in certain temperature for laboratory use.

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • CE & ISO 17025 calibrated certificate
  • Temperature range & Volume can be customized.
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Drying Oven is designed to dry sample in certain temperature for laboratory use.

Unuo supplies benchtop lab oven-lab drying oven temperature up to 250℃ with various sizes to meet customers requirements. Welcome to contact us for laboratory drying oven price-lab oven price. Here for more environment testers.

1. Lab Drying Oven Principle

The benchtop lab oven is heated by the stainless steel heating tube. After passing through the high-efficiency centrifugal fan, the heat in the heating tube is brought to the inside of the test chamber by air flow, and the heat is exchanged with the baked goods in the working room to achieve the purpose of drying. The unique design of the wind transport structure allows the lab drying oven to ensure temperature uniformity and energy savings inside the cabinet during drying. The shelf trays are welded with stainless steel rods, and each shelf can be taken out independently. The air inlet and outlet ports are provided to make the turbid gas inside the oven discharge outward, to flow fresh air, reduce the turbid gas discharged from the product in the oven, and the air flow regulating valve can adjust the amount of ventilation at any time.

2. Features:

  • Timing function;
  • Polished stainless-steel chamber;
  • PID controller;
  • Uniform distribution of air temperature;
  • Forced-air convection;
  • Double Layer glass door, larger viewing window;
  • Independent temperature-limiting alarm system ensures experiments run safely. (option)
  • RS485 connector is option which can connect computer to record the parameters and the variations of temperature. (Option)

3. Unuo Drying Oven -laboratory use Specification

Model UI-E11A UI-E11B UI-E11C UI-E11D UI-E11E
Power Supply AC220V   50HZ
Input Power 500W 850W 1100W 2050W 2450W
Temp. Range RT+10~250℃
Temp.Resolution 0.1℃
Temperature uniformity ±3% (measured at 100℃)
Constant Temp. Fluctuation ±1℃
Trays 2pcs
Chamber Size(mm)














530×370×420 620×440×490 720×530×520 840×580×730 880×765×780
Timing Range 0~9999min
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