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Gas Fume Color Fastness Tester UI-TX291

Gas Fume Color Fastness Tester is to determine textile fabric color fastness to burnt gas fume.

  • ISO | AATCC | QB
  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
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Gas Fume Color Fastness Tester is suitable for testing the color fastness of all textiles except loose fibers when exposed to burnt gas fume/ atmospheric nitrogen oxides produced by the combustion of chemically pure butane gas or city gas.

The textile sample and the control standard are placed in a fume-filled test box at the same time, until the color of the control standard changes to the color of the specified fade standard. No discoloration of the fragments can be observed, and the test cycle can be continued for the specified number of times or the number of times required for the fragments to produce the specified discoloration.

Unuo Instruments is Color Fastness Tester manufacturer. Welcome to contact Unuo Today for the gas fume chamber price.

1. Unuo Gas Fume Color Fastness Tester Features

  • Large-capacity rotating sample holder.
  • The burner can control the flame height, and the gas pressure regulating device.
  • The test box has built-in lights and observation windows.
  • There are multiple safety protection devices such as gas leak detectors, fire extinguishing alarms, etc. inside.
  • Easy-to-use touch screen controller, easy to control the test frame and test cycle of the test room.
  • The temperature controller can control the temperature in the test room below the maximum set value.

2. Burnt Gas Fume Color Fastness Tester Key Specification

Model UI-TX291
Specimen mounting rod 6pcs
Sample holder rotation speed 2r/min
Test Temperature <60℃
Gas Chemically pure butane gas or city gas
Sample size (40×100)mm
Power AC220V 50/60Hz
Test standard AATCC 23, ISO 105-G02, GB/T 11039


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