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Wet Back Tester UI-TN05

Wet Back Tester is to determine the resistance of the diaper coverstock material to the rewetting of the penetrated liquid to the skin.

  • GB/T 24218.14 | ISO9073-14
  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
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Wetback Tester is suitable for determining the resistance of the diaper coverstock material to the rewetting of the penetrated liquid to the skin.

This method is suitable for quality control and comparison of the rewetting properties of nonwoven fabrics with different covering materials and different treatment processes.

Unuo Instruments is a non-woven testing equipment manufacturer. Welcome to contact us for more details about non-woven testing machine.

1. Unuo Wetback Tester Features

  • Touch screen control, Chinese and English menu, convenient operation.
  • Built-in thermal printer is convenient for printing test results on site.
  • High-precision sensor with windshield, the test result is accurate to 0.001g.
  • Pneumatic components, when placing the simulated baby load, lift the sample to automatically complete the test.
  • Stepping motor and driver control to ensure that the speed meets the standard requirements.
  • The instrument comes with calibration function.

2. Coverstock Wetback Principle

Place the covering material on a standard absorbent pad, and perform 3 liquid strike through tests with the specified simulated baby weight(SBW). After the third penetration, place the simulated baby weight on the covering material and absorbent pad to spread the liquid evenly.

A known mass of absorbent paper is placed on the tested covering material, and the simulated baby weight is re-placed on the absorbent paper. The mass of liquid absorbed by the absorbent paper is defined as the amount of rewetting.

3. Wetback Tester Key Specification

Model UI-TN05
Simulate baby load weight and size 4000g±20g(10×10cm)
Capacity and accuracy 300g/0.001g
Speed 5cm/(5±1)s
Placement and residence time can be set 1~999s
Tray size 170mm×170mm
Dimension/weight (430×410×540)mm,51kg
Power AC220V 50Hz  100W
Standards GB/T 24218.14,ISO9073-14


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