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Xenon Light Fastness Tester UI-TX61

Xenon Light Fastness Tester is used to test light fastness, weather fastness, light aging and other tests of textiles, paints, dyes, coatings, rubber. 

  • ISO 105 | AATCC | GB 
  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
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Xenon Light Fastness Tester, which is also called xenon arc chamber or xenon weatherometer, is used to test light fastness, weather fastness, light aging and other tests of textiles, paints, dyes, coatings, rubber, plastics, wood flooring and paper and etc. Xenon Light Fastness Tester can simulate the climate and evaluate sample change after exposing under certain climate condition. With function of simulation of raining, mist spray.

Color Fastness To Light Test Method includes ISO105-B02, GB/T8430, ISO105-B04, GB/T14576, AATCC TM16-2003, GB/T15102-2006, GB/T15104-2006, GB/T 8427, and etc.

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1. Unuo Xenon Light Fastness Tester Feature

  • Real-time simulation of daylight spectrum with 2500W long arc xenon lamp;
  • High-transmission filter combination; Using 95% transmittance filter and filter cartridge, achieves the same irradiance light requirement, low power consumption, making the instrument more energy-saving and environmentally friendly;
  • Xenotester made in 420nm; Irradiance digital setting, real-time monitoring, closed-loop automatic adjustment, providing the most stable test source for irradiance;
  • Irradiance meter detection and wireless transmission use light energy conversion technology to provide energy without the need for an additional power supply;
  • The blackboard thermometer (BPT), the standard blackboard thermometer (BST), the irradiance meter and the sample are detected at the same station (equal distance), which truly reflects the measured condition of the sample, and the measured data is transmitted synchronously by radio frequency technology;
  • Industrial temperature control (refrigeration) system, water tank heating produces water vapor to control the humidification system, quickly adjust the temperature and humidity in the xenon arc test chamber to ensure accurate and stable test temperature and humidity;
  • A variety of operating modes (rain, light and dark, alternating) can simulate real climate conditions;
  • Large color touch screen, multiple test monitoring modes (animation, numbers, charts), easy to operate, intuitive and clear;
  • Quality assurance for 1000 hours of continuous operation in one test;
  • Industrial-grade single-chip control, strong anti-interference ability;
  • 12 station monitoring, free to set and query irradiation energy;
  • With fault prompt function and self-diagnosis function.
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2. Blue Wool Scale VS Grayscale

Light Fastness Blue Wool Scale 1 ~ 8 (ISO standard) are similar to L2 ~ L9 (AATCC standard), but the test results are not interchangeable. People generally choose the blue wool scale or the color change between the exposed and unexposed parts of the sample is equal to the color change grayscale level 4 and level 3 as the benchmark for controlling the exposure time. The reason for choosing the gray sample card level 4 and 3 is because the human eye feels that the color difference is more obvious when the color change grayscale reaches level 3, and the rating is more scientific at this time.

* Unuo Instruments supplies both AATCC & ISO blue wool scale and grayscale.

3. Light Fastness Test Procedure Summary

Test the textile sample with light fastness blue wool scale in the xenontester in specified condition for a certain period, Compare the color change of the sample with the blue wool scales to evaluate the color fastness.

Cover the sample & the selected blue wool standard in half, and expose it to the set xenon weatherometer. After a period of time, remove the sample and the blue wool scales, and use color change grayscale & blue wool scales to evaluate for the sample color fastness level.

When the color difference between the exposed and unexposed parts of the sample is equal to the color change grayscale level 3, the xenontest can be stopped, or when the blue wool scales 7 or L7 fades to color change grayscale level 4 before the sample does, the xenontest can be stopped. This is because the sample has a color fastness equal to or higher than level 7 or L7. The sample needs a long time to reach the color difference of color change grayscale level 3. The time required to achieve this color difference is very long, which is enough to eliminate Any errors that may result from inappropriate exposure.

3. Xenon Light Fastness Tester Key Specification                                 

Model UI-TX61 (Air Cooled)
Chamber Temperature 25~65℃;resolution: 0.1℃
Chamber Humidity Light cycle: 10~70RH%;resolution: 0.1RH%

Dark cycle: 30~95RH%;resolution: 0.1RH%

BST 40~85℃;accuracy:±1℃;resolution: 0.1℃
BPT 40~80℃;accuracy:±2℃;resolution: 0.1℃
Warm tip: please choose BST or BPT before production.
Time Set Range ≤10000h
Irradiance Control Range 0.80~1.20W/m²@420nm;

resolution: ±0.02W/m²@420nm;

Xenon arc lamp rated power 2500W
Sample frame rotation speed 2-7rpm
Maximum number of specimens that can be loaded GB/ISO: 12pcs;

ASTM: 6pcs

Timing of each holder ≤10000h
Spray Period ≤1000h
Light period ≤1000h
Power AC220V±10% 50Hz
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