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Liquid Strike Through Tester UI-TN03

Liquid Strike Through Tester is for measuring nonwoven coverstock liquid strike-through time using simulated urine.

  • FZ/T 60017 | GB/T24218.8
  • GB/T24218.13, 14
  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
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Liquid Strike Through Tester is suitable for measuring the liquid strike through time of nonwoven covering material (simulated urine).

Unuo Instruments is a non-woven testing equipment manufacturer. Welcome to contact us for more details about non-woven testing machine.

1. Unuo Liquid Strike Through Time Tester Features

  •  Color touch screen control, Chinese and English menu, convenient operation.
  • Built-in thermal printer, convenient to quickly print test results.
  • The penetrating plate is made of special organic glass by special processing.
  • All data and statistical results can be freely checked inside the host.
  • The penetrating disc is equipped with a positioning device to avoid collision damage.
  • The penetration disk electrode is corrosion resistant.

3. Liquid Strike Through Time Tester Key Specification

Model UI-TN03
Funnel flow rate with solenoid valve Flow 25ml at (3.5±0.25)S
Number of strike 1~5can be set
Interval setting time 20~99S(can be set)
Test Plate Transparent material plexiglass
Test plate size (125×125)mm, thickness approx. 5mm
Electrode plate size (100×100×25)mm
Electrode plate weight (500±5)g
Electrode diameter 1.6mm
Sample size (125×125)mm
Dimension / Weight (410×370×500)mm,22kg
Power AC220V 50Hz  50W
Standards FZ/T60017, GB/T 24218.8, GB/T 23218.13,

GB/T 24218.14


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