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Humidity Problems & Solution of Temperature and Humidity Chamber | UNUO

Temperature and Humidity Chamber is widely used in lab research and testing. Some test like shoe sole hydrolysis test may need this environment chamber to run at least 21 days continuously. It is necessary to ensure the chamber works properly. Below we list some common humidity problems and solution.

  • Problem 1: Real humidity displayed 100%
  1. Check if the wet bulb probe is hung with gauze or not.
  2. This problem may caused by the dry guaze on the wet bulb sensor. Check if the water tank of wet bulb sensor contains with water or not. The water level in the water tank is automatically controlled by the water level controller. Check whether the water level controller’s water supply system is supplying water properly and the water level controller is working properly.
  3. It may be the reason that the wet ball gauze is used for a long time or the purity of the water is not qualified and make the gauze hard, make the gauze unable to absorb water and dry. Just replace or clean the gauze to eliminate the above phenomenon
Temperature and Humidity Chamber
Gauze on wet bulb probe – Unuo Instruments
  • Problem 2: The real humidity is very different from the target humidity, and the value is much lower.
  1. Check if the humidification system of the constant temperature and humidity chamber is working or not. If not: 1) check the water supply of the humidification system, whether there is a certain amount of water in the water supply system, and 2) whether the water level control of the humidification boiler is normal. 3) If all of the above are normal, then check the electrical control system. The electrical control system checking requires professional maintenance personnel to perform maintenance. Please contact your manufacturer for help.

Temperature and humidity chamber is a universal machine used by not only footwear, textile but also chemical, pharmaceutical machine and other industries.

Above are some solution our technical staff provided, if your problem is not solved yet, contact us anytime. Unuo Instruments Co., ltd supplies reliable Temperature and Humidity Chamber and provides strong after sales service.

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