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Needle Metal Detector UI-G600

Needle Metal Detector is used to detect needle for finished products. Needle detect test is a must-do safety test before products sent to customers in case the broken needle would cause the risk to damage.

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • CE & Unuo calibrated certificate


Needle Metal Detector – Needle Detector is used to detect metal broken needle for finished products.

Metal Detector Principle

Generally speaking, the sample passes through the electromagnetic induction channel of needle detector. After detecting the metal substance, the electronic integrated control system receives the signal, and after processing, outputs an alarm signal and drives the device conveyor belt to return the detection sample. In order to accurately determine the position of a metal object in a large object, a hand held needle detector is also needed to determine the specific location of the metal object.

Unuo Instruments is professional needle detector machine suppliers and manufactures needle detector for garment industry, toy, footwear, handbag, leather, paper, plastic and etc. Contact us now for needle detector machine price & more details.

Unuo Types Of Metal Detectors

Unuo Conveyor Type Needle detector Features:

  • Equipped with Imported Formula analysis chip with high sensitivity and intelligence analysis, superior performance, and easy to operate and maintain.
  • imported non-toxic food grade conveyor belt, all-steel body streamlined, impact-resistant and anti-weak magnetic resonance interference.
  • With counter function, it can record the total sample amount, qualified amount and unqualified separately.
  • The working surface can be divided into 8 parts with LED lights. When needle is detected, the specified light would be turned on.
  • Features lightning protection circuit, energy-saving design, automatic shutdown in ten minutes without operation.
  • With standard mode A and uniform mode B, each mode is with 120 fine adjustment of sensitivity, can be selected to detect accessories or finished products, suitable for a variety of product inspection.
  • Super anti-jamming computer chip integrated circuits, dual metal detector sensor, equivalent to the traditional two-needle machine probe.
  • Aluminum roller, Taiwan of China brand motor, all-steel frame.
  • High sensitivity detection gantry height at 12cm, tiny iron 0.8mm diameter can be detected.

Needle Detector Calibration -Unuo needle detector is with standard test sample for calibration.

  • Step 1: Connect metal detector with the power to check if all the Indicator lights work in good condition or not;
  • Step 2: Check if the conveyor belt is working properly and there is abnormal sound or not
  • Step 3: Needle detector Sensitivity: use standard test sample to check if the machine works in good condition or not.
  • Step 4: Calibrate the machine regularly.

Unuo Needle Metal Detector Key Specification:

Detection Height100mm130mm230mm280mm
Detection accuracyFeø≥0.8mmFeø≥1.0mmFeø≥1.2mmFeø≥2.0mm
Detection Width600mm
Detect methodMagnetic induction, computer detection
Alarm methodSound / light alarm and return
Power Supply220V, 50/60Hz, 120W
ExplanationThe level of detection sensitivity by the height (ie the channel or gantry) will affect the maximum detection accuracy. The higher the goal, the sensitivity will be reduced accordingly. Detecting channel height and width can be customized according to requirements!

Metal Detector Machine Sop – Metal Detection Procedure

Step 1: check if the needle inspection machine connects with power supply properly.

Step 2: turn on the machine

Step 3: choose the sensitivity you preferred and test the metal detector with standard test sample before using it.

Step 4: if machine works well, then test your products. If not, please contact the tech team for support.

Warm tip: detailed needle metal detector operation manual and video would be sent with machine for test guide.

Metal detecting is a must-do safety test before products sent to customers in case the broken needle would cause the risk to damage. Unuo Instruments does hope to protect people with you and provides best metal detectors for you. We are at your service for needle detector machine price or any other needle metal detector questions.

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