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Ross Flex Tester UI-FT27

Ross flex tester is used to test the cut growth in rubber vulcanizates under continuously bend flexing in 90°.

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • CE & ISO 17025 calibrated certificate
  • ASTM D1052, SATRA TM60, ISO 4643 and etc.
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Ross Flex Tester – Ross Flexing Tester is used to test rubber cut growth resistance under repeated flexing in 90° especially for shoe sole. This Ross Flexing Tester is suitable to test all types of flexible sheet material. Ross Flex Test Method includes ASTM D1052, SATRA TM60, ISO 4643 and etc.

1. Unuo Ross Flex Tester Features

  • The test speed adjustable; meet both ASTM D1052 and SATRA TM60;
  • Equipped with 2 pieces of chisels – ASTM & SATRA;
  • With safety cover to protect operator; machine would stop once the cover is open;
  • Memory Function
  • Low Temperature Ross Flexing Tester available;

2. Ross Flexing Tester Principle
Cut sample with required chisel. Fix one end of the sample on the the fixed grip and fix the other sample end on the movable grip. Make sure that the cut position is at the center point of the arc of the rod. Ross flexing tester would flex the sample in certain speed. Check the cut growth at frequent intervals. Ross flex test aims to know rubber resistance ability of crack resistance when subjected to repeated flexing. More Rubber Testing Machine Here

Note: if the sample thickness is greater than required, use a surface grinder to reduce it. Check the thickness with rubber thickness gauge.

3. ASTM D1052 vs Satra TM60

  • Thickness: ASTM requires 6.35±0.03mm while Satra requires different thickness for different standards;
  • Speed: ASTM 100±5cpm, Satra 60±5cpm;
  • Piercing tool: different;

4. Unuo Ross Flex Tester Specification

Model UI-FT27A-1 UI-FT27A-2
Grips 6 sets, can test 12pcs samples
Bending angle 90±2°
Speed 100± 3 cpm 60± 5 cpm
Specimen dimension 152 * 25mm 150±5 * 25±2mm
Counter LCD display, 0~99,999,999
Power supply 1∮AC 220V 50/60HZ 3A
Standards ASTM D1052 SATRA TM60, BS5131 : 2.1,

GB 20265, ISO 5423,

HG/T2411, ISO4643

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