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Random Pilling Tester UI-TX08

A pilling tester to determine textile fabric resistance to pilling, fuzzing and matting by tumbling randomly.

  • ISO 12945-3 | ASTM D3512 | ASTM D1375
  • 18 months warranty
  • CE & ISO17025 calibrated certificates
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Random Tumble Pilling Tester is a kind of pilling tester to determine textile fabric resistance to pilling, fuzzing and matting by tumbling randomly.

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1. Unuo Random Tumble Pilling Tester Features

  • transparent acrylic test chamber door & light inside of the chamber for easy viewing
  • test chamber quantity 2 & 4 for options;
  • random tumble pilling test method meets ISO 12945.3, ASTM D3512, ASTM D1375, GB/T4802.4 etc.

2. Random Pilling Method Principle

The random tumble pilling tester would tumble specimens randomly inside of the lined cylindrical test chamber by with the help of impeller and compressed air. After a certain period, check the textile fabric samples pilling, fuzzing and matting visually.

3. Random Tumble Pilling Test Procedure

  • Step 1: prepare & condition the specimens as per standard;
  • Step 2: install the polychloroprene liner in the random pill drum;
  • Step 3: place the specimens in the test chamber and close the door.  Run the pilling machine for a certain period and check at each interval as per standard.
  • Step 4: evaluate the specimens visually with the help of the viewing cabinet. (make sure the viewing cabinet is placed in a darkened room.)

4. Random Tumble Pilling Test Result

The tested specimens would be placed on the viewing cabinet together with a reference sample for assessment. Then to observe the grade of pilling, fuzzing and matting. Below is the random pilling grade table for your reference.

5. Random Pilling Tester  Specification




Test Chamber Number




LED display, 0-99 min

Test Chamber Size

Diameter 146, depth 152

Impeller Speed


Air Pressure

14~21Kpa(2~3psi)can be adjusted manually


AC220V 50/60Hz

Random Tumble Pilling Test Method

ISO 12945.3, ASTM D3512,ASTM D1375, GB/T4802.4

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