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Rubber Aging Oven UI-FT62

Rubber Aging Oven is used to test the accelerated aging process in the oven. 

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • Quick Delivery
  • Temp. to 300℃
  • Rotary tray
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Rubber Aging Oven, which is also named Aging Oven, is used to test the accelerated aging process in oven. It is mainly used to know materials change before and after the aging oven test (heat resistance test). Unuo Instruments is rubber aging oven manufacturers and provide aging oven tester an affordable price.

Principle: For the accelerated aging test, this machine would provide a high temperature to heat the sample and simulate natural aging in a shorter time. It can be used as a drying oven, or a constant temperature chamber.

Warm tip: This tester is without a humidity control function. We also supply other environmental chambers.

Unuo Aging Oven Tester Features:

  • Can pre-set the test time and test temperature. Real test temperature is displayed.
  • Once machine reaches the pre-set time, the Indicator light would be turned on automatically.
  • Equipped with rotary tray to make the sample to be heated evenly;
  • Fixed tray is also equipped;
  • Light source: bulb type
  • Heating method: hot air circulation
  • Safety protection: EGO over-temperature power-off indicator, safety overload switch ammeter
  • Internal SUS#304 stainless steel plate, external high-grade baking varnish
  • Insulation layer: glass fiber

Aging Oven Tester Key Specification:    

Model UI-FT62
Temperature Range RT+10℃~150℃ RT+10℃~300℃
Test chamber size 50 cm ×50 cm ×60 cm
Rotary Tray Speed 3±1 rpm
Timer 0~9999(Hour or Minute)
Power 1∮ AV220V 50Hz
Warm tip: please share your temp. Requirement with us. We will recommend the rubber aging oven accordingly.
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