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Outsole Belt Flexing Tester UI-FT36

Outsole Belt Flexing Tester is used to test sole flexing resistance ability. 

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • CE & ISO 17025 calibrated certificate
  • SATRA TM133
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Outsole Belt Flexing Tester, which is also named as Bata Belt Flex Tester, is used to test sole flexing resistance ability. Belt Flex Tester is designed and applicable to SATRA TM133 Resistance to crack initiation and growth–belt flex method.

Unuo Belt Flex Tester Features

  • Equipped with 3 changeable rollers to test different soles
  • Pre-set cycles function
  • Safety cover to protect the operator

Principle: The belt flex tester has 2 rollers, the bigger one is fixed and directly driven by the motor, the smaller one is changeable according to your test sample. The smaller one would flex the sole when the sole (glued on the belt) runs over it and simulate sole flex test in wear.

Bata belt flexing tester would be equipped with 3 changeable roller in different sizes. The smaller the roller is, the better flexing resistance the sole is. Normally, the outsole belt flexing tester can test 6 adult size sole. Pre-set the test cycles, when the flexing tester reaches the test cycles, it will stop automatically. To protect the operator, this machine is equipped with safety device on the cover. Once the cover is open, the belt flex tester would stop. Here for More Shoe Sole Tester.

Unuo Bata Belt Flex Tester Key Specification:                                                     

Model UI-FT36
Standard SATRA TM133
Driven Roller 247±20cycles/min
Belt Length 1930±50mm, width 140±5mm
Driven Roller Diameter Centre Diameter 225±5mm, End Diameter 170±20mm
Smaller Roller Diameter A. Centre Diameter 60±0.5mm, End Diameter 57±1mm

B. Centre Diameter90±0.5mm, End Diameter 87±1mm

C. Centre Diameter120±0.5mm, End Diameter 117±1mm

Test Sample 6 pcs of adult size sole
Counter 0~99999999 cycles
Size 130X75X72㎝ (WXDXH)
Weight 180kg
Power 1∮,AC 220V,1.5A
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