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Shore Durometer UI-FT30

Shore Durometer is used to test hardness of rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, vulcanized rubber and other materials. 

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • ASTM-D2240A, ISO-R868A and etc
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Shore Durometer is used to test materials’ hardness. Shore Hardness Tester can test hardness of rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, vulcanized (thermoset) rubber, cellular materials and some plastic.

1. Unuo Shore Durometer Features

  • Various kinds of Shore Hardness for choice;
  • Test stand available.

We supply Durometer tester Types A, B, C, D, DO, E, M, O, OO, and others in competitive price. We also supply Test Stand for Shore A, Shore C, Shore D to better complete the test.

2. Shore Durometer Principle

Different materials may have different properties. In ASTM D2240, it mentions 12 durometers and has detailed description for the durometers. So the suitable durometer should be choosed accordingly. Harness tester measures the depth of an indentation in the material created by a given force on a standardized presser foot. The depth may indicate the material hardness.

  • Shore A Durometer usually tests relatively soft materials while Shore D tests relatively hard materials.
  • Shore OO Durometer tests very soft materials.

Warm Tip: material test indicates higher than Shore A 90, it should use Shore D to test; material test indicates below Shore D 20, it should use Shore A to test; Each durometer scale ranges from 0-100. Test value below 20 or higher than 90 is considered not reliable.

3. Unuo Shore Durometer Specification

Model UI-FT30 Shore A  Shore D  Shore C
Dial scale


Standards ASTM-D2240A, ISO-R868A, JIS-K7215A ASTM-D2240A, ISO-R868A, JIS-K7215A JIS-S6050, SRIS-0101

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