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Leather Thickness Gauge UI-FT43

Leather Thickness Gauge is used to measure the thickness of leather. 

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • ISO 2589, ISO 4648 and etc
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Leather Thickness Gauge is used to measure the thickness of leather. Place the sample in a thickness meter under a specified load for a certain time and them read the thickness. Unuo Instruments supply film thickness gauge, film thickness gauge, rubber thickness gauge and etc. Shore Durometer for rubber is also available.

1. Thickness Gauge Principle

Here we take ISO 2589 as an example, it defines the method to determine leather thickness. Unuo Leather Thickness Gauge, accuracy 0.01mm. Consists of sample platform, a circular flat presser with a diameter of 10.00 mm, coaxial with the test bench, for vertical movement up and down.Place the test sample flat between the test platform and the presser foot. The moving distance of the presser foot can be directly read on the scale, and the value read is the thickness of the sample.

Warm Tips: Different weights and presser feet are required depending on the materials tested or the test standards applied, so that the presser foot forms a specified pressure on the test sample. For example, the leather sample is suitable for a pressure of 49.1 kPa thickness gauge, and the solid rubber having a hardness of 35 IRHD or more is suitable for 22kpa thickness gauge and a hardness of less than 35IRHD is suitable for 10kpa thickness gauge.

2. Leather Thickness Gauge Features

  • Various kinds of thickness gauge;
  • Digital display and pointer display available;
  • Desktop thickness gauge and portable thickness guage available.
Model UI-FT43
Press foot (2-10)mm

(recommend 10mm)





Measure range (0~12.7)mm
Sample thickness 12.5mm
accuracy 0.01mm
Sample platform 50.0±0.2mm
pressure(presser) 10±2KPa








Load 80g±16g 176g±40 g 393±10g 48.7±8g
standards BS 903-A38, ISO 4648,


ASTM D1813

ISO 2589

Size 15X20X25㎝ (WXDXH)
weight 5kg
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