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Taber Linear Abraser UI-FT217

Taber Linear Abraser is used to evaluate sample’s abrasion resistance, scratch resistance

  • 18 months warranty
  • CE & ISO17025 calibrated certificate
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Taber Linear Abraser is used to evaluate the abrasion resistance, scratch resistance (single or multiple scratches) and color transferability (usually resistance to friction discoloration or rubbing fastness) and so on. Both dry abrasion test and wet abrasion test can be performed.

1. Linear Abrasion Tester Application

Linear abrasion tester can test samples of any size or shape. It is ideal for the abrasion test of products with contoured surface and polished surface characteristics (such as: computer mouse and other computer or IT product plastic surface paint abrasion resistance test), universal Plastics, auto parts, rubber, leather and textiles, electroplating, freely disassembled components, paints, printed patterns and other products.

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2. Unuo Taber Linear Abrasion Tester Features

  1. Parameters such as moving distance, speed, number of revolutions, and load can be set.
  2. A variety of different wear media and accessories can be selected. (Optional sample fixing table and other optional accessories for damage degree, alcohol resistance, coin scratch resistance, etc.Are available)

To ensure the stability and accuracy of the test: The general grinding head is eraser head whose size and shape is similar to the end of a pencil, and is made of high-quality abrasive materials. Can ensure the stability of the test.

3. Unuo Taber Linear Abraser Standard Configuration

Including linear abraser which has same function of Taber 5750, 3 pcs of 250g disc-shaped weights.

  • 5 optional moving distances: 0.5”, 1”, 2”, 3” and 4”; special moving distances can be customized.
  • The number of test cycles can be set, up to 999,999 cycles can be set (please note that the grinding head rubber may need to be replaced during this period).
  • The adjustable moving speed of 2~60 round/min. Among them, the following six speeds of 2, 15, 30, 40, and 60 round/min are the TABER standard measurements, and the maximum moving speed of this machine is 60 round/min.
  • The load can be selected. Standard load range: 350g measuring rod, 3 weights weighing 250g are equipped. (various weights can also be customized)
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