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Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester UI-TX121

Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • ASTM D4157, ASTM D3597 and etc
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Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester – Wyzenbeek Machine is used to test woven textile fabric abrasion resistance ability by rubbing sample unidirectional (in a single direction). Wyzenbeek test method includes ASTM D4157, BS EN ISO12402-7 (Annex B), FED (FTMS) 191A, Method 5304, ASTM D3597, SAE J 1530&J 948, GM 2756M, Toyota TSL 5101G 3.9.4, Chrysler LP-463KB-6-01 and etc.

1.Unuo Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester Features

  • Touch Screen Control; Easy operation and user friendly;
  • 4 stations, it can test two warp materials and two weft materials at the same time, improving work efficiency.
  • Every test position can be set with different pressure and tension;
  • Electromagnetic induction counter with auto-stop function;
  • Ball and needle bearings which are more durable;
  • The fixture is made of aluminum alloy. The frame is made of high-strength steel structure. The surface is painted or plated, which has high durability.

2. Principle of Wyzenbeek Machine

The Wyzenbeek Test Machine is a Oscillatory cylinder tester. The sample would be cut in strip. The strip-shaped sample fabric is installed on the front and rear clamps of the abrasion head and a certain tension is applied. The friction medium is installed on the arc-shaped abrasion roller, so that the sample contacts the abrasion medium and applies a certain load on the sample. The abrasion roller moves forward and backward to rub the sample. After a certain cycles, the specimen is tested for tensile force to evaluate the change in the breaking strength before and after the abrasion.

3. Wyzenbeek vs Martindale

Normally, north America would prefer to use Wyzenbeek abrasion tester while Europe & Asia prefer Martindale abrasion tester. It mainly depends on the test standard you need to conform to. More Abrasion Tester Here.

4. Oscillatory Cylinder Abrasive MachineSpecification

Model UI-TX121
Position 4
Oscillatory Speed 90 cycles/min
Oscillatory Arc (76±2)mm
Sponge Rubber Pressure Pad (51×51)mm±2mm
Tension Mass 340g,4.45N(1 lbf)~26.7N (6 lbf)can be set
Pressure Mass 150g,4.45N(1 lbf)~15.575N(3.5 lbf) can be set
Sample (73×245)mm
Net Dimension 50×70×55cm
Net Weight 60kg
Power AC220V 50/60Hz 3A
Wyzenbeek Abrasion Test Method ASTM D4157, BS EN ISO12402-7(Annex B),

FED (FTMS) 191A, Method 5304, ASTM D3597,

SAE J 1530&J 948, GM 2756M, Toyota TSL 5101G 3.9.4,

Chrysler LP-463KB-6-01


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