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Vertical Flammability Chamber UI-TX41

To test the flammability resistance of children’s sleepwear, textile fabric materials for furniture and etc.

  • CFR 1615 | CFR1616 | ASTM D6413
  • GB/T 5455 | NFPA 2112
  • 18 months warranty
  • ISO 17025 calibrated certificate
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Vertical Flammability Chamber is used to test textile product resistance to flame. This flammability chamber would burn the textile sample vertically for a certain period and measure sample afterflame time, afterglow time and sample damage length. It is suitable to test the flammability resistance of children’s sleepwear, textile fabric materials for furniture and other kinds of textile.

1. Unuo Vertical Flammability Tester Features

  • Flame test chamber is made of stainless steel. Strong structure.
  • Tempered glass, strong and convenient for observation.
  • There are three timers to control the ignition time and record afterflame time, afterglow time.

2. Vertical Flammability Test Method

Flammability test method includes CFR 1615, CFR1616, GB/T 5455, ASTM D6413 and etc. Unuo Instruments supplies various kinds of Flammability Tester. Welcome to contact us Today for the fabric textile vertical flammability chamber price and more details.

3. Vertical Flame Test / Burning Test Principle

Vertical flammability tester is used for sample vertical flame test by burning it in its vertical end. In the specified combustion chamber, under the specified ventilation conditions, use the flame generated by the specified nozzle to ignite the center of the bottom edge of the sample clamped by a standard fixture in the vertical direction. flame. Record the continuous burning time of the flame on the sample, that is, the continuous burning time, and record the time that the material continues to burn without flame, that is, the smoldering time. The maximum length of the damaged part of the recording material under the specified weight tension is the damaged length.

4. Vertical Flammability Chamber Key Specification                                  

Model UI-TX41A UI-TX41B
Counter 0~999.9S, accuracy0.1S
Ignition time 3S or 12S(1~99s can be set)
Nozzle Inner diameter 11mm 10mm, length 76±6mm
Angle 25 ° from vertical Vertical
Flame height (40±2)mm 38mm
Distance between nozzle and end of sample 17mm 19mm
Sample grip Frame (422×89)mm (422×76)mm
Inner frame (356×51)mm
Load 54.5g,113.4g,





Power AC220V 50/60Hz
Standard CFR 1615&1616,

GB/T 5455

ASTM D6413
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