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Sharp Point Tester UI-T04

Sharp Point Tester is used to test if test object point is sharp or not.

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • ASTM F963 , EN71-1,
  • GB6675.2 5.8, 16CFR 1500.49
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Sharp Point Tester is used to test if test object point is sharp or not. Sharp Point Tester in textile, footwear is commonly used to test ornament point sharpness. It is one of necessary safety testers widely used in toy, textile and other industries. Sharp point test standard includes EN71-1, BS7909, ASTM F963 4.9, 16CFR1500.48 and etc. This toy safety tester is purchased with sharp edge tester by most customers. Conact us for Sharp Point Tester price.

Sharp Point Test Procedure

Place the sharpness tester on the accessible point and check if the point being tested can be inserted into the sharpness tester to the specified depth or not. The depth of insertion of the test point determines the whether the point is sharp or not. If the point is able to contact the inductive head that is recessed into the measuring cover (0.38 ± 0.02 mm thick) and overcomes the 2.5 N spring force, the sensing head is moved (0.12 ± 0.02) mm, which is identified as a potential sharp point risk.

Point Sharpness Tester Specification

Model UI-T04
Slot Size Width (1.02±0.02)mm, Length (1.15±0.02), thickness (0.38±0.02)mm
Touch Depth 0.5mm
Standards GB 31701-2015, GB/T31702-2015, GB6675-2003, EN71-1, BS7909, ASTM F963 4.9, 16CFR1500.48, GB/T22704
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