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Footwear Slip Resisitance Tester UI-FT100

Applicable to footwear slip resistance.

  • ISO 13287 |  SATRA TM144
  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
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Footwear Slip Resistance Tester is to test footwear slip resistance by putting the footwear on a surface, subjected to a given normal force and moved horizontally relative to the surface (or the surface is moved horizontally relative to the item of footwear). Both the frictional force and normal force are measured and the dynamic CoF is calculated. This footwear slip resistance tester is suitable to test the slip resistance of PPE footwear and meets ISO 13287 & SATRA TM144.

1. Shoe Slip Resistance Test Principle

1. This function can measure the friction coefficient of the sole to determine the anti-slip property of the shoe. When the sole rubber is mixed, or due to the difference in the amount and type of anti-slip agent added, different friction coefficients are generated. It can also be measured and compared. It is the basis for the research and development of ingredients.
2 Test method: Put the sample on the test plane (with glycerin as a lubricant) and add a given load, then move the test bench relative to the sample horizontally through the lateral traction force, measure the kinetic friction force and calculate the kinetic friction coefficient.

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footwear slip resisitance tester meets ISO 13287 satra tm144

2. Footwear Slip Resistance Test Standard

This shoe slip resistance tester is designed according to GB/T 3903.6, ISO 13287-2012, SATRA TM144.

3. Shoe Slip Resistance Tester Specification

1.  Force sensor capacity

  • Vertical: 100kg×1
  • Horizontal: 100kg×2

2. Vertical pressure: 500+25N, 400+20N

3. Sliding: 0.3±0.03m/s

4. Wedge angle gauge: 7°

5. Test interface: Compressed tile floor, stainless steel plate, marble, glass

6. Dimension (approx.): 175×65×170 cm (W×D×H)

7. Weight: 290kg

8. Power supply: 1∮, AC 220V

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