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Footwear Testing Machine, Equipment, Shoe testing machine

Footwear Testing Machine

Unuo Instruments is one of the leading footwear testing machine manufacturers. Our shoe testing machine products include whole shoe testing machine, shoe sole testing machine, leather (vamp) testing machine, shoe accessories testing machine, safety footwear testing machine and etc.

Conform to: SATRA, GB, ISO, EN, DIN, ASTM, BS, IS, JIS and other footwear testing standards.

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Tested With Unuo Footwear Testing Machine

Make Your Quality Visible

Unuo Instruments is a footwear testing machine manufacturer with great cost-effective shoe testing machine and trustworthy service. Supported by experienced technical and R&D team, Unuo guarantee to supply footwear testing equipment 100% matching to test standard. Besides, we can customized equipment as per your requirements. Contact us for details Today!

Footwear Testing Machine Catagory

Leather / Vamp Testing Machine 

To test leather or other shoe vamp material’s flexing, abrasion, colorfastness, tensile, burst strength, and other properties.

Bally Flexometer, Leather Testing Machine
footwear testing machine, Rubber Testing Machine, Footwear Testing Machine

Rubber / Shoe Sole Testing Machine 

To test rubber or shoe sole materials’ flexing, abrasion, tensile, slip resistance, elongation, aging, and other properties.

Shoe Accessory Testing Machine 

To test shoe accessories like shoelace, velcro tape, buckle, eyelet, insole, printed label’s colorfastness, fatigue, abrasion, pull strength and other properties.

Footwear testing machine, zipper fatigue tester
Footwear testing machine, Shoe testing machine, Footwear testing equipment

Whole Shoe Testing Machine 

To test whole shoe properties like flexing, abrasion, slip, rigidity, cold/hot insulation and etc.

Featured Safety Footwear Testing Machine 

footwear testing machine, safety footwear testing machine

Safety Shoe Testing Machine 

To test safety shoe properties like impact, puncture, slip, insulation and etc.

Unuo Footwear Testing Machine Gallery:

bally leather flexing tester
vamp flex tester
Compression Set Apparatus, astm d395 compression set fixture
zipper fatigue tester
DIN Abrasion Tester
taber abrasion astm d3884, taber abraser

Unuo Instruments: Your Leading Footwear Testing Machine Manufacturer & Supplier

Unuo is a dynamic and responsible footwear testing machine manufacturer. We commit to offer you with one-stop footwear testing solution.

Unuo supplies shoe testing machine includes leather testing machine, shoe sole/rubber testing machine, safety footwear testing machine, shoe accessories testing machine and etc. Test includes abrasion, flexing, colorfastness, aging, insulation, cracking, low temperature, fatigue and etc.

Designed 100% matching to test standards, Unuo’s equipment conform to footwear testing standards: ISO, EN, ASTM, JIS, IS, GB, ANSI, SATRA and etc. Besides, Unuo supplies a wide range of SATRA standard footwear testing machines. If you are looking for a satra test equipment, Unuo can be a good option for you. To meet customers’ R&D requirements, we also provide custom footwear testing equipment.

With a sense of responsibility, every set of shoe testing machines would be inspected at least twice before. If necessary, we can provide ISO 17025 accredited lab signed calibration certificate on request.

In one word, Unuo Instruments is a one-stop footwear testing machine manufacturer. We commit to making your quality visible. Send us an inquiry Now. We would come back with a solution for you!

Footwear Testing Machine Related Topics:

1. Why Testing Is Important For Footwear?

Generally speaking, footwear testing can be divided into 2 parts: physical and chemical test. Every country has regulation for the footwear. Footwear testing can ensure that footwear can meet the regulation. Also it is also a symbol of quality. Unuo Instruments aims to provide advanced footwear testing equipment to make your quality visible, turn your quality into real data and present it to consumers.

2. Footwear Testing Methods

There are many testing methods to test footwear quality. For casual shoe, normal test methods are abrasion, flexing, colorfastness, bonding, tensile and etc. If for safety footwear, expect casual shoe’s methods, it also requires impact, puncture, cut resistance, insulation to heat and cold and other methods.  For lady’s shoe and dress shoe, it requires steel shanks stiffness and fatigue tests and etc. Unuo Instruments supplies all these shoe testing machine. Send your requirements to us, we would offer an free solution for you.

3. Footwear Testing Standards

Speaking of footwear testing standards, SATRA footwear testing standards are widely recognized and used in footwear industry. SATRA has a ful list of footwear testing standards that contains almost every kind of testing methods for footwear. For example, SATRA TM92 whole shoe flexing test method, SATRA TM144 slip resistance. Unuo Instruments supplies lots of SATRA standard footwear testing machine, if you are looking for satra test equipment, why not contact us for an instant free quotation Today?

Here are some commonly used footwear testing standards for your reference.

SATRA TM92, SATRA TM144, SATRA TM77, SATRA TM25, ISO 20344, GB/T 20991, ISO 5423, AS/NZS 2210, ISO 11640, BS-903, GB/T 9867, ISO-4649, JIS-K6264, SATRA TM174, DIN 53516, ASTM-D5963…

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