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Carpet Flammability Tester UI-TX695

Applicable to test carpet/rug flammability resistance.

  • 16 CFR  1630 |  16 CFR  1631
  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
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Carpet Flammability Tester is to determine the surface flammability of small carpets and rugs when exposed to a standard small source of ignition under carefully prescribed draft-protected conditions. It is applicable to all types of small carpets and
rugs used as floor covering materials regardless of their method of fabrication or whether they are made of natural or synthetic fibers or films, or combinations of, or substitutes for these.

1. Carpet Flammability Test Principle

Place the small carpet in a certain environment, and then position a methenamine tablet on one of its flat sides in the center of the 20.32 cm.(8 in.) hole.

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2. Carpet Flammability Test Standard

This carpet flammability tester is designed according to 16 CFR 1630 & 16 CFR 1631.

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