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Hydraulic Swing Arm Cutting Machine UI-FT87

Hydraulic Swing Arm Cutting Machine is a clicker press used to cut rubber, leather and etc with die

  • 10T-20T or as your requirements
  • Unuo Instruments
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Hydraulic Swing Arm Cutting Machine is a kind of die cutting press which is used to punch rubber, EVA, plastic sheets, leather, shoe uppers, shoe soles, paper, cartons, fabrics and other plates or sheets into various standard sizes and shapes of samples as the shape of die.

Unuo Instruments supplies swing arm clicker press for sale. Welcome to contact Unuo taday for swing arm cutting machine price.

*You may also: more types of die cutting press.

1.  Unuo Hydraulic Swing Arm Cutting Machine Features:

  • The swing arm is easy to rotate and easy to operate.
  • The column is formed by processing thick seamless steel pipes and supported by two upper and lower holes to ensure flexible rotation of the impact plate and good reliability.
  • The “two-hand tie down” operation switch is adopted to ensure the safety of the operating staff.
  • The position stroke of the swing arm is adjusted by the hand wheel at the upper end of the clicker press, and the punching stroke is adjusted by the time timer, which can easily obtain the cutting position, improve work efficiency, and extend the service life of the die and the backing plate.
  • Utilize the inertial energy storage of the flywheel to save energy and consume little power.

2. Customized Cutting Die for Clicker Press

Customized cutting die is avaliable. Can be customized to by different test standard and shape.

3. Unuo Hydraulic Swing Arm Clicker Press Key Specification:

Model UI-FT87
Capacity 10T/12T/20T or more
Compression plate (350×450)mm
Table (400×900)mm
Stroke 100mm
Dimension 80X90X155㎝ (WXDXH)
Weight 310kg
Power AC 220V 50Hz 0.75KW

4. Tips for Hydraulic Swing Arm Cutting Machine

-As this swing arm press is hydraulic type, it needs hydraulic oil. #46 hydraulic oil is recommended.

-The new swing arm clicker press needs to change the hydraulic oil once after 6 months of use, and then change the hydraulic oil once a year.

-Machine should be grounded.

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