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Leather Grain Crack Tester UI-FT74

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • SATRA TM48
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Leather Grain Crack Tester is intended to determine the propensity of the grain of a leather to crack during bending and suitable to test all kinds of sole leather.

1. Principle

A leather sample is bent around a series of numbered mandrels of decreasing diameter until either grain cracking occurs or the smallest mandrel has been used.
Grain crack index is calculated by multiplying test piece thickness by mandrel number.

2. Leather Grain Crack Specification

Model UI-FT74
8 Metal mandrels diameter: 61.7±0.1/35.0±0.1/23.6±0.1/17.2±0.1/13.18±0.03/10.4±0.1/8.3±0.1/6.8±0.1)mm
Metal roller (25±2)mm
sample size (150±5×25±2)mm
standard SATRA TM48

Additional information

1. Know More

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