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Leather lastometer UI-FT50

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • DIN 53325, ISO-3379,
  • QB 3812.7, SATRA TM24
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Leather lastometer is intended to assess how much a material can be stretched simultaneously in two directions (distended) without being damaged. This simulates conditions experienced during the lasting operation in footwear manufacture.

1. Unuo Leather lastometer Features

  • Touch Screen & Button Control to choose;
  • Easy Operation & Maintenance
  • Steel balls and fixtures are manufactured with high precision and durability;
  • User-Friendly Design;
  • Machine protection: pre-determined upper and lower limit positions function

2. Leather Ball Burst Tester Principle

Mount sample on the machine, a steel ball was placed at a predetermined speed (12 mm/min)(0.2mm/S) on the center portion of the inner surface of a circular leather sample. A crack was observed on the surface of the leather, and the height & force at which the first crack was generated were recorded, also the broken force and its height.

3. Leather Lastometer Tester Specification

Model UI-FT50A UI-FT50B
Control Method Touch Screen Button Control
Load 800N
Induction method Load Cell Sensor
Unit Kgf/N/Lbf
Diameter of grip 25mm
Steel Ball Diameter 6.25mm
Speed 12mm/min(0.2mm/S)
Power 1∮ AC220V 50/60Hz
Standards DIN 53325, ISO-3379, QB 3812.7, SATRA TM24

Additional information

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