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Safety Footwear Impact Tester UI-FT02

Safety Footwear Impact Tester is to test safety shoe toe cap impact resistance ability. 

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • CE & ISO17025 calibrated certificate
  • ISO 20344, EN 12568, ANSI Z41 and etc


Safety Footwear Impact Tester is to test safety shoe toe cap impact resistance ability by impacting safety shoe toe cap with certain energy. Safety shoe impact test methods include ISO 20344, EN 12568, ANSI Z41 and etc.

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Safety Shoe Impact Tester Principle

This Impact Tester is equipped with a steel striker in the required mass. When release striker, it would drop down freely on the vertical guides from a certain height to give certain impact energy. With mechanism provision to catch the striker after the first strike to ensure the toe cap would be hit for only once. Alarm before the striker falls down.

Toe Cap Impact Test Procedure

Mount the specimen in the impact tester and make sure the striker would hit it in a certain position as per standard. Then release the striker from a certain height and give required energy.

Unuo Toe Cap Impact Tester Features

  • Impact height can be set according to your requirements;
  • Automatically lift the striker to a pre-determined height;
  • Photoelectric switch to detect the speed;
  • With emergency stop function;
  • With Safety Cover.
Impact Height0- 1500mm
Impact Energy0~200±2 J0~100±2 (101.75)J
StrikerWedge, Length 75mm,Angle 90°Cylinder,Length 50.8±3.2 mm,

Diameter 25.4mm

Striker SizeCorner radius R3 mmDiameter 25.4mm
Striker Mass20±0.2 kg22.7±0.23kg
Power1∮AC220V 50HZ  5A
Size (L x W x H)60 x 70 x 220cm
StandardsANSI-Z41, BS EN-344, CSA-Z195, ISO-20344, LD-50, EN ISO 20344:2004, LD50-1994, ASTM F2412-11, EN12568-2010, CNS 6863-82, B 4014-1983, JIS-T8101:2000
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