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Leather Tanning Drums UI-FT800

  • Test Positions: 1, 2, 4, 6
  • Drums size can be customized
  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
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Leather Tanning Drums is a piece of necessary test equipment in modern leather production, mainly used for small batch and multi-variety test of various leathers, so as to obtain the best technology. It is suitable for the preparation, tanning, neutralization, dyeing and other operations of leather production. It is a stainless steel testing machine produced in accordance with EU CE standards. Tanning Drum with more 1 position is usually used for color comparison.

Unuo Instruments supplies various kinds of Lab sample machines. Contact us today for Leather Tanning Drum Cost.

1. Unuo Small Capacity Lab Leather Tanning Drums Features

  • Drum size can be customized.
  • Drum position can be customized like 1, 2, 3, 4 drums
  • Stainless steel tanning drum
  • The drum is provided with a sandwich heating temperature control system, which can arbitrarily adjust the temperature required by the process, and has a total working timing and a timing positive reversal function.
  • The rotation speed of the drum can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the process requirements.
  • The fully transparent tempered glass observation window makes the operation of the cage endothelium clear. The convenient clutch device can stop one drum at any time. The machine is especially suitable for the comparison test of small batches and varieties of various leathers in the leather and leather industry

We supply various kinds of tanning drum for sale. Tanning drums’ size and positions can be customized accordingly. Welcome to contact us today for more leather tanning machine.

2. Unuo Laboratory Tanning Drum Specification

Test Position1 positionCan be customized
Drum Diameter800mm
Drum Width300mm
Effective Volume45L
Sample Weight11Kg
Power3∮ AC380V  6KW
Dimension135X125X165㎝ (WXDXH)
Drum SizeΦ450x200mmΦ350x150mmΦ350×150
Leather Loaded3kg1.2kg1.2kg
Motor Power0.75KW
Heating Power1.2KW2.4KW3.6KW
Temperature RangeRoom temperature – 80℃±1
Machine SizeApprox. 1950×1050×1500mmApprox. 2800×1000×1500mmApprox. 3600×1000×1500mm
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