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Ozone Aging Chamber

Ozone aging chamber is used to test rubber, texitle ozone aging test.

  • ASTM | ASTM | ISO | GB 
  • 18 months warranty
  • ISO17025 calibrated certificate
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Ozone Aging Chamber is used to test rubber, textile, and other samples in certain ozone concentration. For rubber ozone aging test, the chamber will be made with sample holders, which can rotate and conduct the rubber stretching test.

1. Unuo Ozone Aging Chamber Features

Part 1: Cooling System

  1. The main refrigeration components are 2 sets of 3P Taikang compressors imported from France, using R404 and R23 DuPont environmentally friendly refrigerants respectively. After decades of testing and use, this brand of compressors has been proved to be the most stable refrigeration accessories for medium-sized equipment in the world. The compressor is the most closed type, its structure is simple, but it is durable.
  2. The expansion valve and the electronic valve are the main components of the refrigeration system, all of which are made of Danfoss of Denmark, the oil separator and filter are made of American Emerson, and the refrigeration oil is  American Ice Bear brand. The pipes used in the refrigeration system are all imported copper materials, which have the advantages of good flexibility, not easy to break, and have the best shock absorption effect for the long-term vibration characteristics of the refrigeration system.

Part 2: Cabinet

  1. Shell material: stainless steel
  2. Liner material: SUSB304 stainless steel plate
  3. Observation window: large-area glass observation window, with a 9W fluorescent lamp installed in the window

Part 3: Electrical Control System

  1. Controller: intelligent touch screen ozone concentration controller: electrochemical ozone concentration sensor
  2. Ozone generator: high voltage silent discharge tube or ultraviolet
  3. Temperature sensor: PT100 (Japan)
  4. AC Contactor: Snyder
  5. Intermediate relay: Taiwan Shiyan
  6. Heating tube: stainless steel fin heating tube

Part 4: Equipped With Device

  1. Anti-ozone aging aluminum sample holder
  2. Closed loop air ozone system
  3. Chemical Analysis Interface
  4. Gas drying and purification (special gas purifier, silica gel drying tower)
  5. Low noise oil-free air pump

Part 5: Safety Protection Device:

  1. Power overload
  2. Control loop overload and short circuit protection
  3. Over temperature protection
  4. Computer coding terminal
  5. Alarm sound prompt

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2. Unuo Ozone Aging Test Chamber Specification

Test Chamber Size(Mm) 500×750×600 (can be customized)
Test Chamber Temperature 20℃~60℃
Temperature Evenness ≤2℃
Temperature Fluctuation ±0.5℃
Temperature Deviation ≤±2℃
Humidity Range 30%~98% R.H
Humidity Deviation: +2%/-3% R.H (±5% R.H, humidity below 75% R.H)
Heating Rate ≥0.7℃/min
Time Set 0~999 hours
Ozone Concentration Sensor ozone concentration range 20~1000PPHM
Ozone Concentration Deviation ≤±10%
Sample Holder 360°
Sample Holder Speed 2r/min, adjustable
Sample Holder Speed 20—25mm/S adjustable
Dynamic And Static Tensile Sample Holder The elongation rate of the fixture is 0-100%, and it can be stretched up and down while rotating. The frequency is adjustable at 0.5HZ, which can meet static and dynamic tests.
Lead Hole ≥1pc
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