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Safety Glove Cut Resistance Tester UI-FT73

Safety Glove Cut Resistance Tester is to test glove and upper cut resistance ability.

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate
  • ISO 20344, EN 388
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Safety Glove Cut Resistance Tester is used to test the cutting resistance of protective gloves and uppers. Under the specified load, a rotating round cutter is used to cut samples to determine the cutting resistance of gloves or uppers.

Suitable for protective friction, cutting, puncture and other mechanical hazards of gloves, uppers or clothing. Gloves made of hard material are not suitable.

Unuo Safety Glove Cut Resistance Tester Features

  • High stability cutting speed, high strength round blade;
  • There are two test stations where comparison samples and test samples can be placed;
  • The device has a cutting judgment function. Automatic alarm and record cutting times.

Glove Cut Resistance Tester Specification

Model UI-FT73
Cutting stroke 50mm
Load 5N±0.05N
Maximum cutting speed 10cm/S (Linear velocity)
counter LCD,0~99999
Test Positions 2
Standard  EN-388, ISO-20344

Additional information

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