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Shoe Flexing Tester UI-FT29

Shoe Flex Tester is used to test the whole shoe flexing resistance ability.

  • SATRA TM92
  • In stock
  • CE & ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate
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Shoe Flexing Tester is suitable to test the whole shoe flexing resistance ability by flexing the whole shoe at a certain speed and angle as per SATRA TM92. The Whole Shoe Flexing Tester is suitable to test all kinds of shoes and can be used to for SATRA TM77 (dry condition).

1. Unuo Shoe Flex Tester Features

  • Pre-set test cycles can be set. The flex machine would auto-stop once it reaches the pre-set cycles.
  • Real-time test cycles would be displayed.
  • Bending speed can be adjusted easily and precisely.
  • Different test speed can be set in 2 groups of grips.(1 group= 2sets)
  • With safety cover to protect the operator.
  • Brand motor to ensure the service life.
  • Low temperature Whole Shoe Flexing Machine Available
  • Dynamic shoe water penetration tester SATRA TM77 available.

2. Shoe Flex Tester SATRA TM92 Principle

Shoe flexing tester would continuously flex the shoe at a certain angle and speed. Machine would auto stop when it reaches the pre-set numbers. Different kinds of shoe can have different requirements for the flexing cycles and time for between assessments, angle to flex. All determined by what kind of shoe to be tested. This whole shoe flexing machine simulates how the shoe is flexed every day and help us to know shoe flex resistance ability.

3. Machine Specification

Model UI-FT29
Grips 4sets (can test 4 samples in one go)
Standard SATRA TM92
Test Speed 0-30°  speed: 60-230 cycles/min

30-50°  speed: 60-140 cycles/min

50-90°  speed: 60-100 cycles/min

Flexing Angel 10° ~ 90°adjustable
Counter LCD display , 0 ~ 99,999,999cycles can be set
Dimension(approx.) 97 ´ 77 ´ 70 cm
Weight(approx.) 236 kg
Power Supply 1∮ AC 220V
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