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Spray Rating Tester UI-TX30

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • AATCC 22, EN 24920,
  • M&S P23, ISO 4920
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Spray Rating Tester – Water Repellent Tester is suitable for textile fabric water repellency test. It is especially suitable for measuring the water-repelent efficacy of finishes applied to fabric.

1. Unuo Spray Rating Tester Features

  1. Mainly made of stainless steel
  2. 100% match standards
  3. Easy operation

2. Water Repellent Tester Principle

Spray a prescribed volume of distilled or completely deionized water on a sheet that has been installed on the test ring and placed at a 45 ° angle so that the center of the segment is a specified distance (150 mm) below the nozzle. The spray rating was evaluated by comparing the appearance of a sample with a standard photo.

3. Spray Rating Tester Specification

Model UI-TX30
Nozzle 19 holes (0.86 ± 0.05) mm uniformly distributed
Water flow rate Spray 250ml of water in 25 ~ 30s
Sample clamp Diameter (155±5)mm
Distance between nozzle bottom and sample (150±2)mm
Sample placement angle 45°
Standards AATCC 22, EN 24920, M&S P23, ISO 4920
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