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Vamp Flex Tester UI-FT15A

Vamp Flex Tester is to determine the wet or dry flex resistance of leather and finishes applied to leather.

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • CE & ISO17025 calibrated certificate
  • ISO 5402-2, EN ISO 22288, SATRA TM25 and etc
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Vamp Flex Tester is to determine leather wet or dry flex resistance. This Satra standard vamp flexing machine is applicable to all types of flexible leather below 3,0 mm in thickness. Vamp Flex Method includes ISO 5402-2, ISO 5423, ISO 22288 and etc.

1.Unuo Vamp Flex Tester Features

  • Flex sample in dry or wet
  • Environment control model avaliable
  • With Safety Cover to protect the operator.

2. Bally Flexometer vs Vamp Flex Tester

Compared with Bally Flexometer, this vamp flexing testing machine would flex the sample in V clamp shape. Vamp flexometer is a useful upper material flexing tester to know if the material is resistant to cracking and the leather is likely to produce salt spue or not. Besides, this machine is equipped with a safety cover to protect the operator.

3. Conditioning

Different environmental conditions are required for the dry and wet test. And a temp. and humidity chamber is needed.

4. Vamp Flexing Tester Key Specification

Model UI-FT15A
Grips can test 12pcs samples
Stroke 19mm
Clamp 40° V-shaped
Flexing speed 300±30 cycles/min
Sample size 64x64mm
Counter LCD display, 0 – 999,999
Power supply 1∮AC 220V 50/60HZ 3A
Standards ISO 5423 section 5.2, EN ISO 20344-2004 Section 6.5.2,

AS/NZS 2210.2 Section 6.5.2, GB/T 20991 Section 6.5.2

GB20265 section 4.1, EN ISO 22288, SATRA TM25

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