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Perspiration Tester UI-TX59

Perspiration Tester is to test textile colour fastness resistance to perspiration, sea water, water and etc. 

  • ISO 105, AATCC, DIN, GB and etc
  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • ISO 17025 calibrated certificate
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Perspiration Tester, which is also called as Perspirometer Tester, is to test textile color fastness resistance to perspiration, sea water, water and etc. Perspiration tester is a stainless steel frame which can test 20 samples according to AATCC or 10 samples as per ISO standard.

1. Unuo Perspirometer Tester Features

  • Can accommodate up to 20 samples (AATCC) or 10 samples (ISO);
  • With two independent pressure devices, one device can meet two test methods (AATCC or ISO):
  • Equipped with two specifications of acrylic resin board, and equipped with solution box;
  • The equipment is made of stainless steel and has strong durability;
  • The two weights are engraved using standard and load to prevent misuse.

2. What Is Perspiration Test

Some textile dyes are not resistant to acid, some are not resistant to alkali, and the perspiration fastness test is to use artificial sweat with different pH to test the color fastness of the textile to human sweat. That’s also why people also name it as artificial perspiration tester.

3. Perspiration Tester Test Principle

Color fastness to perspiration test method includes AATCC 15, AATCC 106, AATCC 107, AATCC 163, ISO 105, DIN, GB and etc. Combine the textile sample with the standard lining fabric, put it in the solution and soak it. After removing the sample to remove the solution, if necessary, use a laboratory padder to remove excess water. Place the sample between the two acrylic resin plates in the AATCC Perspiration Tester, subject the sample to the prescribed pressure (ISO method 11 resin plates total pressure 5Kg, AATCC method 21 resin plates total pressure 4.5Kg), the sample and the perspirometer tester is placed in an oven at (37 ± 2) ° C for the specified time, and the test device in the oven is taken out. Take out the sample and the lining, and hang it at room temperature to dry. Use a gray sample card to evaluate the discoloration of the sample and the staining of the backing under a standard light source.

By using different test solution, this perspirometer can be used to conduct color fastness to saliva test method, color fastness to sea water and etc.

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4. Perspirometer Specification:                                       

Model UI-TX59
Load ISO :5kg/AATCC:4.5kg
Pressure ISO:12.5Kpa/AATCC:12Kpa
Standard Accessories 21pcs of Acrylic plates, 20pcs of plastic basins
Test solution Alkaline solution, sea water, water, saliva and etc.
Perspiration Fastness Test Standards AATCC 15, AATCC 106, AATCC 107, AATCC 163,

DIN 54005, DIN 54006, DIN 54007,  DIN 54020,

ISO 105-E01, ISO 105-E02, ISO 105-E04, ISO 105-X18,

GB/T 3922, GB/T 5713, GB/T 5714, GB/T 18886

M&S C20B, BS 1006,

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