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Air Permeability Tester UI-TX20

Applicable to test air permeability of textile, fabric, non-woven fabric, mask and etc.

  • ISO 9237, ISO 7231, ISO 5636,
  • BS 5636, ASTM D737,DIN 53887,
  • JIS L1096, GB/T 5453, GB/T 13764
  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • ISO 17025 calibrated certificate
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Air Permeability Tester for Textiles is designed to test textile fabric air permeability by testing the sample under specified pressure, test area and time to know the rate at which the airflow passes vertically through the sample. The rate is expressed as the air permeability of fabric.

Air permeability method includes ISO 9237,  ISO 7231, ISO 5636, BS 5636, ASTM D737, DIN 53887, JIS L1096, GB/T 5453, GB/T 13764, EN 14683 and etc. Applicable to test textile, fabric, non-woven fabric, mask and etc.

Unuo Instruments is textile testing machine manufacturer & supplier. Welcome to contact us today for Air permeability tester price.

1. Unuo Air Permeability Testing Machine Features

  1. This air permeability testing equipment uses a high-precision pressure sensor instead of the water column pressure method.
  2. Use microcomputer to process test data.
  3. Pneumatically clamp and fix the sample, which is convenient and fast
  4. It can be connected to a computer to automatically draw test data curves for easy observation.
  5. Touch screen display, test parameter setting is convenient and fast, and test result viewing is convenient.
  6. The main body of the Air permeability testeris made of steel plate and painted on the surface, which is beautiful, strong and durable.
  7. The internal flow tube of the instrument is welded with seamless steel tube, which has good sealing performance and guarantees the accuracy of the test

2. Air Permeability Test Principle

Under the specified pressure difference condition, the air flow rate that vertically passes through the specified area of the fabric within a certain time is measured for the air permeability calculation.

3. Air Permeability Test for Fabric

For textile fabric, its air permeability may directly affect its comfort. If the air permeability rate of the fabric is too small, it will make people feel hot and uncomfortable because the body’s heat and humidity are not easy to discharge. There are mainly two types of material permeability test methods: differential pressure method and equal pressure method, of which the most widely used is the differential pressure method. Unuo UI-TX20 Air Permeability tester for textiles adopts differential pressure method.

4. Air Permeability Testing Machine Key Specification

Model UI-TX20
Pressure 1~4000Pa(nozzle),1~1000Pa(sample)
Testable air permeability 1~9999mm/s
Testable fabric thickness ≤12mm
Suction volume adjustment Data feedback dynamic adjustment
Test area 5cm2,20 cm2,50 cm2,100 cm2

∮50mm(≈19.6 cm2),∮70mm(≈38.5 cm2

Nozzle parameters No. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
∮(mm) 0.8 1.2 2 3 4 6 8 10 12 16 20
Data capacity ≤20 times
Printer Thermal printer
Connect with computer Can be connected to a computer (communication port RS232)
Power AC220V 50/60Hz
Test standards ISO 9237, ISO 7231, ISO 5636, BS 5636, ASTM D737,

DIN 53887, JIS L1096, GB/T 5453, GB/T 13764

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