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Pneumatic Sample Press UI-FT85H

Pneumatic Sample Cutter is used to cut samples driven by compressed air

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • Capacity: 3 tons
  • CE certificate
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Pneumatic Sample Press is a kind of desktop pneumatic sample cutting machine for fabric, textile, footwear, leather and etc. Max press plate diameter 20cm, capacity 3 tons, Cutting depth 10mm. Cutting with different shapes of cutting dies, this pneumatic sample cutter can cut any shape of a sample whose dimension is less than its press plate quickly.

1. Unuo Pneumatic Sample Press Features

  • Capacity: 3 tons
  • Diameter: diameter 175mm, max 200mm; (or customized)
  • Safety design: two-button operation; the machine will only run when the operator presses the 2 operation buttons together at the same time

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2. Pneumatic Sample Cutter’s Operation and Principle

Driven by compressed air, this pneumatic sample cutter will press on the cutting die which is supposed to be put above the material, then a certain shape of the sample will be cut. This cutting machine will save a lot of time on sample preparation. To meet different materials’ cutting force requirements, this cutter’s cutting force can be adjusted by the air pressure valve.

By pressing the switch, the solenoid valve is activated, and the compressed air in the air presser enters the cylinder, driving the piston downward so that the pressure plate presses the die downward, and the test specimen is punched.

3. Pneumatic Sample Press Key Specification   





Air Pressure

5kgf/cm2 or more

Sample Thickness


Press Plate

175mm or specified

4. Customized Cutting Die

We can customize the cutting die for you as per your requirement. We supply 2 kinds of cutting dies mainly. The first one is laser cutting die with a wooden backplate and the other one is steel cutting die. Both of this 2 types of cutting dies can be customized to specified shape and dimension.

  • Laser cutting die is recommended for textile, leather and other soft materials.
  • Steel cutting die is recommended for textile, leather, rubber, PU, TPU, etc.

steel cutting die - Unuo
steel cutting die – Unuo

laser cutting die
laser cutting die

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