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ASTM D395 Compression Set Fixture UI-FT32

ASTM D395 Compression Set Fixture is to test rubber under constant deflection in air.

  • ASTM D395 Method B,
  • ASTM D1056, ISO 815
  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
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ASTM D395 Compression Set Fixture is to test rubber, elastomer, silicone rubber and others compression set after compressed for certain period under constant strain at given temperature.

1. Unuo ASTM D395 Compression Set Fixture Features

                            Compression Set Apparatus, ASTM D395 compression set fixture

ASTM D395 Method B                                                                 Method A

Warm Tip: please pay attention to sample hardness. Choose the suitable compression set method and steel spacer for the compression set test fixture.

2. Compression Set of Rubber Standard

By using different thicknesses of spacer rings, this compression set test fixture can many test standards. Compression set of rubber standard includes ASTM D395 method B (ASTM D395B), ISO 815, DIN 53517, ASTM D1056 compression set and etc. Contact us today for Compression Set Fixture price & more details.

Compression Set Fixture test result would help you to know the properties of elastomers and can be a reference for your elastomer selection guide to choose low compression set rubber, elastomers. Know more about compression set test by this article.

3.  Comparsion of ASTM D395 and ISO 815

Item ASTM D395 Method B ISO 819
Content Compression set Compression set
Test specimen Type A:

-thickness 12.5±0.5mm

-diameter 29.0±0.5mm

Type B:

-thickness 6.0±0.2mm

-diameter 13.0±0.2mm

Type A:

-thickness 12.5±0.5mm

-diameter 29.0±0.5mm

Type B:

-thickness 6.3±0.3mm

-diameter 13.0±0.5mm

Specimen condition temp. Mini 3h at 23±2℃ At least 3h at one of temperatures specified in ISO 23529
Compression  rate Type A: 20-26%

Type B: 23-29%




Please refer to specific standard for more details

4. Rubber Compression Calculation

CB=[(to-ti)/(to-tn)]*100 (the test result would be expressed in %)

  • CB=compression set (ASTM D395 method B) expressed as % of the original deflection.
  • To=original thickness of specimen
  • Ti=final thickness of specimen
  • Tn=thickness of the spacer bar used.

Warm tip: for your understanding compression set results, the lower % of the test result, the better your sample resists constant deflection.

5. Other needed equipment for compression set test

  • Environment Chamber
  • Aging Oven
  • Thickness Gauge
  • Hardness Tester/shore durometer

*Above lab testing machines are available from Unuo Instruments.

6. Unuo ASTM D395 Compression Set Fixture Specification

Model UI-FT32
Compression Plate 20*12cm
Compression % 10%, 15%, 25% or customized
Standards ASTM D395 Method B, GB/T 7759, ISO 815

7. Compression Set Test Fixture Operation Video

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